What is Bare Anatomy? What do we do?

We are proud to be an Indian haircare brand that extends the luxury of customization. We are convinced that one size doesn’t fit all, and custom creates a formula best for your hair needs, taking into account your hair data with multiple external factors. All our formulations are clean, well-researched & freshly made.

How are you different from other brands?

We are an R&D-focused company with the mission to create the best-in-class hair care products. Our highly qualified scientists, with extensive experience in the personal care industry, build personalized products for you in our state-of-the-art R&D Labs, where they have tried and tested thousands of permutations and combinations to make sure that every product offered, lives up to your expectations and fulfills your unique hair needs with our data-driven algorithms and made to order freshness.

What is personalization? How does it work?

Personalization happens when we take your hair data in, and tirelessly work to formulate a clean and data-driven solution for it. With years of research at hand, and some of the most renowned hair and skin specialists, our algorithms study different hair and skin types' need, factoring in hair and skin goals, locations, lifestyles, to cater to every unique individual.

About Customized Haircare:

Currently, we formulate 5 hair care products: Hair Oil + Pre-Shampoo Mask + Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Serum.

About The Hair Quiz

How do I choose my hair bond structure?

You can identify your hair bond structure by noticing your hair's behavior after a wash. In case you're confused between two options, pick the straighter one out of the two. For instance, pick curly in case you're confused between curly and coily.

How do I choose my scalp type?

After you shampoo your hair, notice how much time it takes for your scalp to feel oily. It can range from 1-4 days. The duration will help us in understanding your scalp’s requirements.

How do I choose my hair type?

After you shampoo your hair, notice how long it takes for the length of your hair to get oily. This duration will help us determine your hair type.

What if I’m not sure what hair goals will best suit my hair?

Well then, thank God for us, right? Just send us an email at [email protected] or call us at +91 9711170970, & all your queries will be taken care of by our hair experts.

How many hair goals can I choose?

You can choose up to 3 hair goals. Prioritize this on the basis of your immediate hair needs.